Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is a “festival of preaching and worship?”
    A gathering where a number of gifted preachers and worship leaders share their gifts in multiple daily worship services, presentations, and panel conversations within a community of preachers, worship leaders, and lay people. The festival works for individuals to come alone, teams from a church to share experiences together, and seminarians looking for experiential learning.
  2. How will I benefit from this experience?
    No matter your role in your faith community, everyone participating in the festival will receive inspiration, new ideas, and resources for faithful living. Small group conversations will provide opportunities to move inspiration into application for your respective settings. Preachers will get a chance to listen to others preach and so find their own passion for preaching renewed. Worship leaders will experience a variety of worship styles, gaining ideas to bring back to their own community setting. Seminarians, this festival offers you a chance to dive into a different type of learning. For lay people the festival is a four day taste of soul-enriching experiences.
  3. What about the non-worship sessions?
    Thanks to the feedback from previous festivals there will be a variety of opportunities for connection with other participants along with time for reflection. Panel conversations will highlight how different faith communities are living out justice in different ways. Small group conversations will provide the opportunity to share questions, insights, and offer the potential for building on-going connections.
  4. What will the weather be like?
    Spring comes early in the Northwest and will be in full bloom. Temperatures will likely range between 45 and 70. Both rain and sunshine are possible, and it’s likely that in four days there will be some of both.
  5. How should I pack/dress?
    Comfortably and in layers! Bring your umbrella and a raincoat as well as your sunglasses. Are you a walker? Bring comfortable shoes to enjoy exploring nearby hills.
  6. Will people who aren’t clergy or preachers be welcome?
    Absolutely! Laity, seminary students, as well as spiritual seekers and people of other faiths are all welcome. We especially hope that lay persons who work during the day will register and attend the evening worship services. Come enjoy wonderful worship and preaching from people of different backgrounds and experiences to stimulate your mind, soul, and heart.
  7. What fun things are there to do in Seattle while I am there?
    First Church is within walking distance of the Seattle Center, the Seattle Art Museum and Olympic Sculpture Park, Experience Music Project, Pike Place Market, the waterfront. A bus ride will take you to Safeco Field, the home of the Seattle Mariners. If you enjoy food, there are many, many restaurants for you to explore and enjoy.